Bushfire Ready are one of Adelaide’s leading Bushfire protection services. Two innovative partners that have a design and engineering background established Bushfire Pro in New South Wales eight years ago. They set out with one goal in mind: to design, develop and comprehensively test an effective, efficient/price competitive method of life, home and property protection from bushfires. In conjunction with the CSIRO and fire authorities they have developed a patented, high efficiency sprinkler head, which can be incorporated into either manual or fully automated systems. The systems have proven themselves in various major bushfires with complete success. Further, a property with a Bushfire Pro Intelligent Fully Automated System is currently used by the CSIRO as a demonstration model for training in bushfire protection.

The systems are now widely in use across Western Australia, and New South Wales Rural Fire Service buildings, large retirement villages, schools, TAFE colleges, equestrian facilities and homes as the preferred bushfire protection systems.

If your home was built before current stringent building regulations were introduced, the chances are it might have lots of beautiful woodwork. However, since the introduction of new strict building regulations you may not be allowed to rebuild to the same design with the same materials. We can help protect what you already have, which is quite simply, irreplaceable.

We have the distribution rights to use the Bushfire Pro System to mix and deliver BlazeTamer which is a modified linear polymer fire suppressant which is distributed by Chubb Aust. This is a revolutionary aerial firefighting weapon which is used by the NSW RFS, Victorian CFS and internationally in the USA and Europe. BlazeTamer (60% more efficient than water) guarantees safe handling for fire fighters and is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation.

You get what you pay for — what is your home worth to you?

We acknowledge, support and appreciate the CFS/CFA/SES/RFS staff and volunteers who risk their lives to protect the homes and lives which are put at risk from the bushfires. They truly are the unsung hero’s, if we are diligent their jobs will be a lot easier.




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